Do you need a secondary powerfull skin?


The most important factor in the packaging of food products is interrupt the connection to the external environment with the product. In this way, contamination will be slowed down and extended the shelf life of the product. With the methods called MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) or CAP (Controlled Atmosphere Packaging) when closing the tray which in it the product has been placed, the air between the cover and the product completely taken out of while doing vacuum, instead of air, is filled with the gas that will slow down the deterioration, decay and mould of the products.



In Skin packaging method, the air is completely drained from the tray which the product is placed in, the upper is closed on the exact shape of the product to accommodate various laminated flexible film techniques. Thus, connection of the product with the external environment is completely cut off. The product is covered with as a second skin. No bubbles and completely airtight.



In today's technologies, according to the other production methods, the skin process is a little bit slower. However, significantly extends the shelf life. Certainly, trays and lid films used in the SKIN method has different characteristics. Produced with different technologies and layered. The cost of packaging per product compared to other methods is a bit more of, however, this results worth the investment. SKIN packaging machine that is capable of technology is different from others. Even if the basic working principle is similar, on the skin packaging , firstly the top flexible film is termoprocessed than applied and sealed over the product.



Either portioned or bulk SKIN packaged products are quite attractive on the Market Shelves. The skin packs are also suitable for produce with protruding parts. The end user is able to directly see the color and freshness of the product. Transparent films effects more fresh, crisp and appetizing on customer feelings. Through the SKIN technology, the product shape is never deformed, the product juice is never flow-out the package, the product is never slumpdown because of suspended or slanted shelves. SKIN technology is extends the shelf life considerably more. The product is not correlation with the atmosphere, never loose color, never drain juices. Molding or contamination risks are significantly decreased. SKIN packaging method is an environmental technology. Waste materials diminished. SKIN techology does not need any additives or polluting gas in packaging.


Especially in fast urbanizing regions in the emerging markets, especially in packaged products, the consumption of meat and meat products is rapidly increasing. SKIN packaging to be developed a long time ago but the markets just reach to cost efficiency for skin process. According to a recent survey packaging market volume will surpass 10 billion US dollars in 2020 increasing usage of skin it looks like. However the product should need some processes just before an optimal skin packaging. You may fell into a distress experience if you try a fat and juicy cheese block in skin packaging. No problem with solid and hard materials in this method. But soft and hydrated materials may needs additional processes. For right solutions in skin packaging, the machine manufacturer and the producer should be in a close cooperation. The packaging process adjustments are different for each product. Must be determined by experimenting with them.



Apack, follows closely the development of packaging in the world according to the emerging trends, production technologies and uses the strategy having application rapidly. APACK engineers was doing the work for a long time that to adopt the skin techonology to the machines. On food skin packaging machines in the world that can usually large, heavy and wide-area machines. The amount of production area and energy used is the factors that increase the cost. Therefore APACK engineers worked on smaller machines being able to do skin on. When SKIN packaging process reach cost efficiency that market requires, APACK launch their skin machines to the market. The first demand came from abroad. MAP25SKIN machine is developed for SKIN and sent to UK and our technicians performed the installation and start process by reaching machine via internet from Istanbul.



If you want to be a game maker in the world market, the question of “production cost” that you must move to the bottom of the list. Any investors asks “how much dos it cost” or “ what will be our activity per product” in first meetings in Europe. They are asking about is it environmental, contains hazardous waste, fits health and hygiene-related standards, what do you offer as new and different, what are the features of your machine etc.

Apack machines are 7/24 nonsstop working in 44 countries all over the world.

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