One of the package key features is to protect the product during transport and storage.

The packaging is also the only way to attract consumer’s attention in the market.

The package is used to communicate the quality of the packaged product and at the an attractive, striking pack design-based, for example on eye-catchingly printed film or specially designed labels – is remembered by the consumer so well that he recognizes the product again easily after he has finished eating. Controlled opening aids, re-closable or simple portion size are example of further design features that draw attention to quality of the packaged goods.  

We spend a great deal of time at APACK to educate both the consumer and the producer.

We constantly hold joint educational seminars with universities and entrepreneurs.

We prepare the investors for the future by educating them in food production and packaging at the right standards and by contributing to the culture of food items with added value.

Production of top quality, culinary meals for retail and ultra convenient components for food service.

R&D Team consists of Chefs who have proven experience in cooking at a high restaurant level and have huge experience with international palates and recipes.

Create & develop the highest quality products and produce them on an industrial scale, without any sacrifice to taste, appearance or colour.

Enhancing sales by offering the newest technologies in packaging, alongside the latest innovations for food- preparation.




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