We have solutions and we are the provider

APACK proposes a suitable film type according to the structure of your product nature and combained with the machine delivery. All those films  particularly suitable for sealing to various tray types. Product structure,  film type, storage/logistic conditions, gas and machine accessories are determined shelf life of product. You can package your product without using any additives on MAP technology. Out look of  the product, freshness, antifog feature, printing details, situation of self in the market direct effect to customer. That kind of  films allows gas-proof sealing , gives high stability and sales-promoting appearance.  This significant technological step creates new presentation possibilities and really helps the product to stand out on the shelves.

We provide to our customers a various of packaging films with packaging solutions which is necessary for the supply of service.

Our most common type  of films as follows:

Basic Films:     This kind of film structure are MONO LAYER or DOUBLE LAYER films which can we use for daily fresh product, dried foods and fresh-cut. Basic Films suitable for anykind of product that if you do not need long shelf life or if you have non perishable materials. Suitable for antifog application.

Various basic film is of providing different package permeabilites, in order to create specific oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in a package and maintain this optimum atmosphere, within limits, even as the temperature is changing. The highly permeable lid film is used over a hole in the wall of the package and controls the flow of gases into and out of the package. As the produce consumes oxygen and gives out carbon dioxide an equilibrium gas concentration is established in the package. This process is a function of the laser perforation and its carbon dioxide to oxygen selectivity ratio. These carefully researched atmospheres (EMAP) are able to extend shelf life and preserve nutrients of fresh produce items by naturally regulating respiration of fresh cut portion packaging.

Barrier Films:    This kind of film structure  are TRIPLE to 5-7 LAYER films which can suitable for sensitive product. Barrier Films suitable for anykind of product that if you need long shelf life, for ready meal, meat and cheese. Suitable for antifog application.

The success of modified atmosphere packaging obviously does not depend only on the definition of the correct atmosphere. The material and packaging technique selection are also very important. All flexible materials used in packaging are gas permeable to some degree. The maintenance of the protective atmosphere inside the package is therefore subordinate to the material characteristics and to the effectiveness of the package seal. Our barrier film made from; PVDC, EVOH, ALU, metalizedPET, AlOx, SIOx.

Heat Resistance Films: This kind of film structure is multilayer and heat resistance up to 120 °C  for pasterizaton or strelization. Also we can use this kind of films for oven application up to 200 °C. Suitable for antifog application.

Heat-treatment is a process which allows an extension of the “shelf life” of food by eliminating or reducing some micro-organisms through an exposure to heath (generally between 85 and 120°C) during a certain period (to be fixed in accordance with the nature and the mass of the product).

Seal Bag and DOYPACK Films: This kind of film structure are DOUBLE or TRIPLE layer for portion packaging. This type of film is suitable for any kind of  liquid, granule, powder, mix products. Suitable for antifog application.

Coex Films: This kind of film structure is PE-PA-PE,PA-PE, PP-EVOH-PP, which can suitable for thermo-form deep-draw application.  Suitable for antifog application.

Paper Based Films: Todays world interest in natural faced products. recycle features, organic sensuous. Paper based films gives natural feelings to the people. This kind of film structure is OPET-PAPER-PE, coated PAPER-OPET HS which is suitable for MAP applications on papertrays as cartoMAP®. Suitable for antifog application. cartoMAP is a registered innovative MAPPING technique that belongs to APACK.



Anti Fog option: The formation of “fog” on plastic film or sheet is the result of the condensation of water vapor on the surface of transparent sheet or film. In packaging applications, food that is being wrapped or stored in a plastic article usually has high moisture content. When this packaged item is stored in a cool environment, the moisture condenses on the surface causing fog to occur. Depending upon the application, this fog is typically not considered aesthetically pleasing and may impact food spoilage. There are two routes the packaging industry uses to minimize the formation of fog on sheet, film, or thermoformed articles: Internal additives or external topical coatings.